JGW Soul Train

Deze video kende ik nog niet... Come here Guitar... Now listen at this!

Er staan nog meer nummers van JGW bij Soul Train op Youtube.

Onderstaande afbeeldingen kwam ik op Internet tegen. Ik weet het niet precies meer, maar ik geloof dat wij, Martin, Mark, Werner, Jos en ikzelf, naar concerten in Tilburg en Amsterdam geweest zijn.

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Todays music is sooooo empty

Todays music is sooooo empty... With no soul... Im soooo glad i grew up in the late 70's and 80's... I was there when hip-hop was born in da bronx.. And love was being made on the rooftops... Pure music, with passion and heart that can still move you after so many years.... Oh how i miss yesterday's....
Most of these classic songs on youtube have people commenting, typing how they remember the past and how music was better back then. I'm 15 and was brought up in the wrong era! SOUL.
I'm just a couple years older than you and feel the same way! This song still makes me move and I think I'm in my 20's again!? Dance and party the night away back in the day!
Nothing will ever beat the 80's

I can't believe how good things really were back then, and I am so glad I was around to experience the whole thing. Makes' me sad for kids today.
I Love the 80's music. 1984 my first year of High School. I do not listen to much of today rocks. These songs were & in my mind still is THE BEST!!
Bring back so many good memories :)
I am so glad i was born in the 60's - I grew up on the best music ever. I feel so sorry for kids today. I feel sorry for them because they have no choice but to listen to sewage, and even sorrier for them because they think that shit sounds good.
This was the good ole days, before guns, gangs and crack... When we all just wanted to make it big and get out of ghettos anyway we could. And some? us did make it... Peace
Damn, everything that was made from the 80's 90's was the best, including the movies. I wonder why people sample so many things from back then and why we have so many remakes such as "Charlies Angels, Knight Rider" that failed miserably because you can't top the originals.

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